Consolidating payments into basic salary

Consolidating payments into basic salary

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Can anyone give some advice on pay matters please. A manager wants to incorporate the payments we make to first aiders into their basic pay. This is to uplift their hourly rate of pay and pay overtime at an enhanced level for providing first aid cover outside of normal working hours. I am not sure this is such a good idea. I am worried about incorporating any 'add-on's into basic pay because I believe we would have problems if the company at a latter stage needed to remove it. For example if someone ceased to be a first aider. I am thinking perhaps we could write a specific clause in a contract but I would like to know what the pitfalls are likely to be.
Linda Hunt

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By tiggercat1
11th Apr 2006 21:27

I agree that it be preferable not to incorporate the payment into the contract unless their is a clause that the employee signs stating that the additional amount is in recognition of their qualification and that they agree to the payment being withdrawn if they cease to be a first aider, or the company no longer requires them to be a first aider.

Alternatively you could perhaps pay a one off payment to them but you would need to check the tax rules as I suspect this would be taxable. Hope this helps!

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