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Career Path Choices in Training

Career Path Choices in Training

I graduated with a Business Degree, and a Masters in HRD & management learning. as a fresh graduate 5 years ago, knowing my interest in the development of people, I started pursuing my career in anything relevant.
I end up embarking on a trainee manager programme in a hotel, and started first as a hotel receptionist and now a trainer in their Group of 15 hotels. Now running the department, I have been training all the group employees with hotel basic training, systems both reception & conference,etc for nearly 3 years.
Now my point is, I have been working as their trainer, but I have been working ONLY based on my instincts, past experience working in other department in their company, my own research and maybe a little of knowledge from my studies. You could put it that my experience in that company is somewhat- Take it as it comes & deal with it.
Due to that I do not feel that I have maybe be trained as a professional trainer, and even though I knowI am very good in my job (from feedbacks), I realised that if I would like to pursue my career as a professional trainer, I would need to do something.
Reading on CIPD CTP, I am very interested in. But, do you think that should be my next step? Or do you think coming out and look for a job in a training provider be my next step? Where should I work with so I could actually learn lots about putting theory in practice? If not, how could I embark on a career as either a Training Provider or training consultant in other industry? Don't get me wrong, I am currently VERY much enjoying my current work, however, I felt the need to gain something for myself in terms of Knowledge & experience.
Please help!!! Any recommendations, suggestion is very Much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance

Lidya Gunawan


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By LiamD
22nd Jan 2008 11:59

Your posting is a little contradictory. On the one hand you express a desire to explore opportunities within training organisations or as a consultant and on the other, you say you are very happy where you are and this is about “up-skilling” yourself.

So, the first question is to ask what, exactly, is it that you want? Is it about developing more skills/knowledge in an area or is it about getting a certificate to say you know your stuff?

Either way, you need to focus on what it is that you currently want to be able to do, but cannot because of your skills and knowledge. For example, is it to coach others? Is it course design? Is it your own inner confidence?

There are many options available- the CIPD CTP being just one if you need general all round development. Also consider:

- Train the Trainer programme: there are some awesome programmes directed at capable trainers who need that “shot in the arm” to take their programmes on to the next level
- Coaching- perhaps some one to one coaching support might help you?
- NLP- there are some excellent providers who can help you understand how better to structure your thoughts and communication, help you coach and build rapport and deal with issues
- Networking- depending on your location, there are a number of CIPD-based network groups (amongst others) that may help you to share ideas and best practice. There are a few online as well, or you could simply “partner” with some other organisations yourself.
- Read some books or attend some conferences to hear about latest trends/fads and successes!

It’s often the case when you are in an internal role that you hit the wall of self doubt and have no one to share it with. Posting this question is the right thing to do, but you need to really understand what your question really is.

Feel free to contact me directly for more information on the points above,

Good luck!

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22nd Jan 2008 18:49

Thank you Liam for your comment on this. Its a hit, but good one!

What do I want? I would like to be a Professional Trainer in a training provider giving running both soft skills, and IT training to companies who outsource their training. As they are well established, I believe it is in there that I think I could learn and develop more skills as a trainer?!

When I say I currently enjoy my current work, it refers to my passion that I have with sharing my knowledge and challenging myself with different people's way of learning. Would still like to do that, but in different circumstances. I.e. where, I myself could benefit and see results.

At the moment, I do not see that I could develop my training career in this current position.

Hence the question is,
to embark on the training career with a training organisation, what do I have to do?
Would I be able to find a job with my current experience? or Do I have to get a professional Certificate before hand, then I am able to join them and further developing myself?

Referring to Liam's 2 different points 1) Developing MORE skills, or 2) a certificate too proof I know more stuff, the answer would depends on what's required to get into the World of training organisation.

Many thanks again for your help, and for further others who will comment.

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23rd Jan 2008 11:15

Hi Lidya,

The first place to start really is by doing a training needs analysis on yourself.

What is it you do now, and what do you do well? Some intense personal honesty will get you there - but you also need to be honest about the things you don't know and what you feel will advance your career.

Once you've got the list, you can start looking for training opportunities that tick off some or all of the items on your list.

Don't rush out for qualifications - they aren't the be all and end all of training. Find courses that actually develop you, and then look for other opportunities - moving roles can often be the development we need to move forward.

And I don't have a masters, or any particularly heavy qualifications at all - but I am a training manager who makes very good money and I do deliver effective courses on a wide range of subjects. I've found that people who "train trainers to train" generally don't offer me the kind of insights I need. However trainers who specialise in particular parts of the process - often add to my portfolio of skills because they have the in depth knowledge I need.

You've been a trainer for 3 years - so you might not appreciate or enjoy going back to the basics.

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