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Bonus Schemes

Bonus Schemes

We are looking to introduce bonus schemes within the Group. As the companies within the Group are very diverse (retail to financial services)I would like to get hold of as many different ideas (and examples of wording) as possible.

Is anyone willing to let me have a copy of their bonus scheme? Company names etc. can be removed.

Ideally I am looking at those schemes which include for a combination of Group, Company, Department, team and individual performance.

I really need ideas based on reading various total scheme details rather than advice on what I should be including. Any assistance appreciated

Thank you
Sue Martin


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By Anonymous
23rd Feb 2009 14:54

I no longer have model documents. but for what its worth the following may be helpful.
The reward must be based on added value not just "doing the job well"
1/3 personal; 1/3 team; 1/3 division.
The job holder should be able to contribute/influence at all levels. Progress must be visible.
(Personal view) Level of bonus should be % of the addedd value achieved. eg self financing.
The objectives must be changeable to suit the business objectives. Bonuses DO influence behaviour and they usually have a downside as well.

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