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AFC contact - change of base

Change of base - reasonable

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I work for a large NHS organistion. We have just gone through a relocatation consulation exercise as there is to be a move to another building in London for some colleagues and Sussex for other colleagues.

A collegue has been told he is to move to Sussex. He is not happy with this. He says as his contract says London this is where he should stay. He has London weighting protection plus excess travel protection for several years, yet says he will lose financially as he will no longer be able to have increments in this period of time.

He also says that for him the period of consultation was mishandled as he asked his line manager where his base was going to be and she replied still in London (via email). However she meant his work base not his contract base which does have to change.

He is making noises about this being a redundancy situation, I don't think it is as our managing director says that although the formal base has to change, his place of work can be in London still for much of the week.

Has this worker got a good case or should we just insist he sign a new contract with a new work base?




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Image of Jasmine Gartner
By Jasmine Gartner
05th Oct 2015 21:37

With the limited info provided here, I'm afraid it sounds a bit like wishful thinking on the part of your colleague.

And, it really sounds like your colleague needs to get facts from management - is it relocation? was there a redundancy consultation? What was the business' strategy? is he the only one saying this? Is there a case for SOSR?

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Replying to JasmineGartner:
By coia
06th Oct 2015 13:52

Thanks for your response, Jasmine. There have been no redundancy consultations. Part of the business is moving to another part of London, part is going to Sussex. His argument is based on the fact that in his contract it states there will be no move to another place of work without discussion and agreement, and he hasn't greed to it. There are a few other people in the same situation but I am not sure how they are approaching it.

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Replying to coia:
Image of Jasmine Gartner
By Jasmine Gartner
06th Oct 2015 15:15

Hi Coia, it sounds more like this will be a change to his terms & conditions; if he doesn't agree to changes, in the last resort, the company could let him go - but it wouldn't be redundancy, it would be him choosing to leave bc he doesn't like the new t&cs. It's probably worth him googling (or going straight to ACAS's webpage) changes to terms and conditions.

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