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360 degree Appraisals

360 degree Appraisals

I am in the process of dragging our appraisal system up to date. It would appear the only way to get appraisals done in my company is to do them myself. Line Managers and Team Leaders are always "too busy" and don't really see the benefit in appraisals as our current system is very vague and rarely followed properly.

Given that I do not have first hand experience of everyones job and daily performance, I am thinking the 360 degree approach may be best.

I appreciate there is probably a lot of older posts and references on this subject but I am looking for ideas quickly so as to keep Senior Management interest and support.

Any help/references you are willing to share would be most appreciated.


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By jeito
11th Aug 2009 02:05

Dear Alison
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By Anonymous
11th Aug 2009 12:51

Here is a link to a very basic system that might be simple enough to engage your managers.;fid=19;gti...

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11th Aug 2009 14:53

Hi Alison

A 360 Degree Feedback may very well be a way of establishing a framework for behaviours for the whole company, regardless of job roles - we have a number of clients we are helping to do just that. If you already have a skills or competence framework, a list of organisational values, or a performance model, this is usually a good starting point for designing your 360.

I'm not sure if you're looking to integrate 360 into your current Appraisal process or to run it separately from the Appraisal. In either case, you will need to be clear on what you're trying to measure, and why. Below I've put some links to a number of articles (mine and links to others') which may give you some ideas that might help.

Using 360 to identify skills, behaviours and values

360 Appraisal: From the BBC's Bottom Line, Business Leaders discuss 360 Appraisal

360 Degree Feedback a key part of RBS talent strategy

[email protected]

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14th Aug 2009 22:14

Have you considered using strategic recognition as a means of 360 degree appraisal? In such a program, all employees are encouraged to notice, appreciate and formally recognize the actions and behaviours of colleagues who demonstrate the company values in achievement of strategic objectives. By encouraging peers and managers to notice and acknowledge stellar efforts of colleagues, strategic recognition programs offer one of the most positive ways of implementing a 360°, ongoing performance review mechanism in which anyone in the organization can comment on the contributions and effectiveness of their teammates.

These “recognition assessments” and kudos can then be used during the annual performance review as an additional data point on the strengths (John has been recognized repeatedly for innovation) and even weaknesses (but John has been recognized only once for teamwork) as potential areas of improvement. This presents a much more rounded view of an employee's contributions of which managers may not even be aware. Moreover, since such a strategic recognition program is deployed company-wide, data can be gathered and used to benchmark an individual’s performance and demonstration of values in their work against direct peers, team members, the division and even the company as whole.

More on this approach is available here:

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