How to Engage Your People: Tips from award-winning businesses

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Over the past few weeks, we've published a series of interviews with winners from the UK Employee Engagement Awards, and we felt it was time we rounded up some of the best tips from these industry-leading businesses, so we've made a handy infographic using some of our favourite soundbites.

If you want to read the full interviews, you can find them here:

We've got more plans for showcasing the best examples of companies focusing on employee engagement, recognition and reward. You can see tips and stats on our What is Employee Engagement? slide deck.

North American companies keen to learn more about the importance of culture, wellbeing and getting results from their engagement work should attend the Employee Engagement Awards & Conference in NYC this June, with speakers including Aaron Hurst, Jasmine Gartner and Stowe Boyd. Check out the Full Agenda for further details.

See the infographic in its full glory on Medium.

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