Bosses Understand Employee Reality FAR Less than They Think

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Quick poll – if you’re a manager, how in touch do you think you are with your team members’ day to day reality? 50%? 80%?

Employees – how in touch are your managers really with what you do every day?

SmartBrief on Leadership recently ran back-to-back SmartPulse polls (manager survey and employee survey) asking each group exactly that question. The results, compared side by side, are dramatically different (if perhaps not all that surprising).

Nearly 61% differential in employee vs. manager perception on bosses’ true lack of awareness of employees’ day-to-day reality.

The good news is, there is fairly consistent agreement for “Well” and “Very Well,” but clearly half of managers need to get off of their “I’m the best manager in the world” pedestal and get into the work more with their team members.

Let’s be crystal clear:  I’m not advocating micromanaging. Far from it. I’m strongly recommending managers open their eyes and their doors to the good work employees are producing every day and, critically, the areas where employees may be simply making progress on long, arduous projects.

Then managers need to go one step farther and formally recognise and appreciate those efforts and achievements – provide encouragement and support so progress can continue whilst significantly praising final results.

I have to believe ignoring progress is a major part of the disconnect reflected in the chart above. Factor in the Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer research showing making progress as the number one (by far) employee motivator and managers cannot deny the importance of this recommendation.

Where do you (or your managers) fall in the chart?


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