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Undercover Boss is back tonight - Tower Hamlets take the plunge

22nd Jul 2010
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After last week's cracking episode with Best Western which gave a lot of food for thought, this week's visit to Tower Hamlets should help shed some light on what it's really like in the public sector. It might well make uncomfortable viewing and I wonder if it'll give any clue as to what kind of effect public spending cuts will really have?

I notice the Mirror is already complaining the people the CEO works with are a set up, rather than 'random' workers, describing them as a mixture of "salt of the earth and saint" (did you think they were random?) and that his cover story is awful, but there's only one way to find out if he gets unmasked early on or not...

Here on HRzone we'll be focusing on whether he learns anything new about the people who work for him and whether the communication and engagement is similar to that of a private organisation, or is it as bureaucratic as we might expect? Are those at the top in touch with the front-line workers?

All will be revealed tonight - my blog will be up as soon as possible after the show. Tune in to Channel 4 at 9pm and follow us on Twitter at HRzone for real-time comments and to join in the conversation. I'll also be looking forward to hearing your views on the programme and finding out if your conclusions match with mine so jump in on the comments on the blog.

In the meantime you could always mosey over and have a read of this blogger's mini-rant about Undercover Boss - he makes a very good point about leadership visibility.

  • Also, I can reveal we will be bringing you interviews with some of the bosses who went undercover here on HRzone- stay tuned for more later in the series!

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