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On TV tonight: Undercover Boss - COO of The Jockey Club, Paul Fisher

5th Aug 2010
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It seems to be HR on TV season right now, and tonight is no exception, as hitting our screens at 9pm tonight is Undercover Boss. Episode 4 in the series stars Chief Operating Officer of The Jockey Club racecourses, Paul Fisher.

From watching the previews (see them here on the Channel 4 website) it looks like yet another type of business being tackled - this time a lot of casual labour is involved, which presents its own challenges with motivation, reliability and loyalty - as he says in the clip, how do you persuade someone to turn up at 7am until 5pm, and then not employ them again for another month or so? It's a challenge.

Paul's job is to go undercover at the lowest ranks and find out what it's really like. I'm feeling a bit dubious about it because the second clip released shows him missing his 4 year-old's birthday. Bad, yes, but it is really Boss? But don't let that discourage you from watching - I want to know what you think of tonight's episode. Join me on Twitter (@hrzone) tonight and back here tomorrow for all the news and opinion.


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