Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day

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Apparently today is Community Manager Appreciation Day. Our community manager, is case you didn't know, is Becky Midgley. She makes sure everyone's playing nicely in the discussion groups and in the comments, that I haven't forgotten to do anything like reply to someone or tweet and sorts out any issues you may have with the site - which as you can imagine is more than enough work to be getting on with. However, did you know she also does this for all the other sites in the SiftMedia portfolio? She's a busy bee, that's for sure!

I hope you'll agree she does a great job and anyone who's dealt with her knows how efficient and friendly she is.

So I'd just like to say - Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day Becky, thank you for all you do on HRzone.co.uk.

(If you'd like to join in the appreciation you can visit Becky's profile here and send her a message!)

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25th Jan 2010 14:26

Thanks very much Charlie, I'm welling up over here!

Anyway, thought this the right time/place to pop on and remind members that they can contact me about anything in relation to this site.  If you have any questions or problems I'm on hand to help you out and on top of that would love to hear any feedback you might have too, be it good or bad, let me know when you have a mo!

Happy Monday folks :)

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