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Question: What is purchasing like?

29th Jun 2012
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In my Supply Management blog I asked "Is purchasing a game or war?" The content of the blog was asking professional purchasers to consider their internal metaphor for the work they do and understand the impact that has on their actions.

Perhaps more interesting is the metaphor our stakeholders, ie you, have for the work we do and for us as a department within your organisations. After all many businesses don't have purchasing/procurement on the board and yet that's where we think we should be - I wonder why?

If pictures paint a thousand words then metaphors paint a thousand pictures and can't help but convey much meaning. So here's your chance to let professional purchasers know what you think about what we do and how we do it.

I would prefer an answer over on my blog, although realise sharing with other HR professionals here may encourage debate too, to the question:

Purchasing is like a ...........

Do share any metaphor that makes sense for you and perhaps a little about why it works for you. If you need to get into the zone of metaphors then have a look at my Pinterest boards on the metaphors we have for life. If that's still too broad a question then what about:

If purchasing was a book or film what would it be? 

Thanks in advance

Alison Smith
The Purchasing Coach
Sowing the seeds for cost reduction in your business through effective purchasing 
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