26th Feb 2020
By Director of Hays Human Resources
14th Feb 2020
19th Feb 2020
All Hands on Tech podcast

Episode seven – Rita Trehan on how to lead

Dr Max Blumberg speaks with Rita Trehan about the challenges of rising up the ranks as an Indian woman and the problems leaders need to conquer in a tumultuous world.
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19th Feb 2020
The Home Office published a policy document today, 19 February 2020, outlining its plans for the future immigration system. The future...
19th Feb 2020
While there is no doubt that companies put in a lot of work and money to set up a new employee benefit scheme, it’s important not to then...
18th Feb 2020
Which is more important? “Always treat your employees the way you would treat your customers” Steven Covey When I was CEO of Great Place to...
17th Feb 2020
As arbiters of company culture and vision, HR departments are the heart and soul of any successful organizational transformation. This is...
12th Feb 2020
28th Jan 2020
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