18th Dec 2019
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8th Jan 2020
By Director of Hays Human Resources
All Hands on Tech podcast

Episode six – Josh Bersin on careers

Dr Max Blumberg speaks with Josh Bersin about the rise of a more generalist career model and why 2020 should be the year of reinvention for HR.
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7th Jan 2020
“Cleaning up and organizing my desk in anticipation for a great new decade. I found this amazing piece of advice from a wonderful mentor...
7th Jan 2020
Hidden or symptomless conditions, like high blood pressure, are one of the main health and wellbeing concerns employers have about their...
20th Dec 2019
The existing annual performance review model is defunct, fosters discrimination and needs replacing, says Ab Banerjee, CEO and Founder of...
20th Dec 2019
The release of the ‘final’ Star Wars films marks the end of trilogy of trilogies that began back in 1977 over 40 years ago. Star Wars was...
17th Dec 2019
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10th Dec 2019
9th Dec 2019