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Episode five – Tim Haynes on organisational change

Dr Max Blumberg speaks with Tim Haynes about how people analytics is truly disrupting the way businesses gather insights, make decisions and deliver value.
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29th Nov 2019
Bonuses cut by 54 per cent in the last three years, despite the £50 tax free trivial benefit 95 per cent of employees said they would be...
28th Nov 2019
Great strides have been made in the past century to bridge the gender pay gap between men and women, which currently stands at around 17%...
27th Nov 2019
The appointment of José Mourinho as Tottenham Hotspur Head Coach (note – not Manager!) was both surprising and yet long awaited. Having...
27th Nov 2019
Over the last twelve months, in response to the pressing need to prioritise staff recruitment and retention, we have seen a tremendous...
21st Nov 2019
20th Nov 2019
18th Nov 2019
13th Nov 2019
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12th Nov 2019
10th Nov 2019
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