HR Briefing #39 - The Case for Stakeholder Dialogue

HR Briefing #39 - The Case for Stakeholder Dialogue

HR Briefing
Issue 39
31 May 2001
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INFORMATION and NEWS: The Case for Stakeholder Dialogue
RESOURCES: Evaluation and Feedback; Diary Listings
WORK: A European flavour in our HR Jobs
COMMUNITY FEATURES: Kirkpatrick evaluation? Hays Banding?
AND FINALLY… Two old ladies…

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FE Colleges face biggest strike in a decade
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Everybody is jumping on the manifesto bandwagon at the moment. To me it seems a bit of a shame because some good ideas are being lost in the total noise. One of the latest comes from the Industrial Society and Will Hutton, it's Chief Executive, puts forward some valid points:

- Politicians are trawling familiar themes whilst the electorate knows that Health, Education, dealing with Crime etc. will always need more money whichever politician lives at Number 10. If you want to gain wide support, get your story right on how people work and can develop themselves and their way of life.

- Raise people's aspirations by developing 'world-class' (as in Premiere Div. like Man Utd.) education and learning facilities. Make self-development accessible, achievable and worthwhile.

- Encourage a climate that creates, nurtures and rewards 'just companies' (that's 'just' as in fair); that treats all of its employees with respect and consideration.

- Make workplaces 'inclusive' rather than 'exclusive'. Value humans in the workplace for being who they are and cut out the discrimination, bigotry and de-humanising processes.

You get my vote Mr Hutton!

Jon Seaton
P.S. Before the e-mails start: No, I'm not a Man Utd. supporter but I have to recognise them as 'world class'!

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Some requests for help from this week:

What is the Kirkpartrick method of training evaluation?
Anna Geoghegan

Does anyone know of a good guide on how to write a training plan?
Melanie Hayes

How can I evaluate the effectiveness of executive development open
programmes at international university business schools?
Ian Day

'Hays' Banding
Has anyone heard of this method of categorising learning material?


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overheard conversation between two old ladies in a Lincoln tea-shop

1st LADY:
I'm a bit worried about whether my vote will count in the election.
I've got one of them postal votes.

2nd LADY:
Why are you worried?

1st LADY:
Well, I shall be on holiday. We're staying at our Irene's you know.

2nd LADY:
That'll be nice. Where does Irene live now?

1st LADY:


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