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I have recently had a situation at work wherein a promotional opportunity arose internally, 3 candidates applied internally and then before their interviews rumours of an external candidate began to circulate.  All three candidates were interviewed and rejected, then the external candidate was offered.  Is this acceptable? 


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26th Oct 2011 07:34

Jobs should only be advertised internally when there is a genuine hope of finding someone within the organisation. Going through the motions is counter-productive and causes the resntment which this post exemplifies

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By tiggah2
2nd Nov 2011 10:47

Unless there were staff at risk of redundancy and this was part of a redelpoyment exercise, recuitment can simultaneously be run internally and externally. If this is/was the case, it should have been communicated to staff beforehand to manage expectations but also to limit damage to trust and engagement which may well have happened

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4th Nov 2011 17:39

 In my experience it is always best to advertise internally for a period first before externally.  If this is standard practice then employees become used to the concept that opportunities will always be sought from within as a matter of course and that the recruitment process is fair (no external appointments on the basis of personal relationships). However, much depends on the size of the organisation.  In a large company you can never be quite sure where you might get a good applicant from.  On the other hand, from the word go a smaller Company might be aware that there is no suitable internal candidate.  In this case, I would agree that you should be up front with your employees and state publicly that in the absence of any suitable internal candidate you are going to advertise externally. The key is to have a well written, up-to-date job description detailing the competencies required and agreed with the hiring manager so that you can be quite clear about what kind of person you are looking for to start with.

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