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Last week I spent a considerable amount of time talking with the team psychologists from various elite sporting organisations and clubs. These are people for whom their remit is to support the athletes and team to be at their best and manage their mental mindset and that of the collective team to deliver the best performance they can. David Priestley from Saracens told me about his mantra of ‘comfort the challenged and challenge the comfortable’ which he’s used to great effect, Dave Readle from British Cycling shared with me how humour is a vital resource for him (check him out on Twitter @DaveReadle) and Tom Bates from West Brom FC (@TomBatesCoachng) talked about the importance of supporting people to stretch beyond their comfort zones.

It got me thinking about who the Team Psychologists are for teams in business? I’ve yet to come across a team in an organisation who has a dedicated resource who is solely there to support the psychology of the team, I wonder what would happen if there was one..........

by Carole Miller


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By hmmfair
4th Jun 2013 14:26

What an interesting idea. We know that the right team, well motivated can conquer the world. [Let's not discuss the England cricket team at this point]. The same processes should work in business too. A modicum of effort into team development could pay tremendous dividends.

Many managers find themselves managing complex teams without the training and support they need. High performing teams need organisational support in terms of t&d, coaching, technology, effective performance management and HR policies. Also since we're social animals the increase in remote and virtual working models pose additional challenges for team leaders. Sadly many British managers seem to lack skills in managing collaborative teams and building the trust and team communication that facilitate superior team performance.


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