"The pursuit of excellence is relentless," says former Red Arrows commanding officer

We speak to Jas Hawker on how the Red Arrows ensures an incredible team year after year.

A radical new model for gender equality

Do we need to change our approach to improving gender equality?

Putting authenticity back in the hands of HR

Authenticity is a major driver of organisational performance and change.

How to align talent management with business strategies

Making sure that talent initiatives lead to justifiable business results.

Blog posts

The Principles of Customer Service

5 Top tips on the Principles for Customer Service which Harrods probably uses as well!

Creative venues spark inspiration

We often underestimate the importance of the venue... It's much easier to inspire if you’re in an inspirational...

How Can Recruitment Softwares Work Wonders For Staffing Solutions

Today a major challenge encountered by many companies (small or large) is hard-hitting process of hiring employment...

Upcoming events

Upcoming HR events

Here are some events you may find useful over the next few weeks and months:

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