How to present your case for self-service technology to the board

Three key points to remember when 'selling' the value of self-service technology.

The impact of video technology on employment interviews

Does video technology affect the way we judge candidates in an interview?

The business benefits of a diverse workforce

Ensuring women and ethnic minorities progress equally within your organisation makes business sense.

Four deadly mistakes of 360-degree feedback

Four mistakes that can kill your 360-degree feedback project dead.


Talent management
22nd July 2014
Health & Wellbeing
7th July 2014
Rewards & Benefits
4th July 2014

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Feedback in a law firm; why it's so unpopular (and how to change...

How to successfully introduce feedback into a law firm

By: jrice2006

How Yahoo Hires: Recruiter-In-Chief

Marissa Mayer’s quest to revamp Yahoo involves her own, unique hiring process.

07/23/2014: Would You Risk Your Job to Save Your CEO?

Recognise This! – Loyalty is earned, every day, in actions both big and small.

Four things you should be doing this summer for your employee benefits

How's the time to get ahead with your benefits and reward for the rest of 2014

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Upcoming HR events

Here are some events you may find useful over the next few weeks and months:

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