The impact of video technology on employment interviews

Does video technology effect the way we judge candidates in an interview?

The business benefits of a diverse workforce

Ensuring women and ethnic minorities progress equally within your organisation makes business sense.

Four deadly mistakes of 360-degree feedback

Four mistakes that can kill your 360-degree feedback project dead.

Career plans are worthless, but flexible planning is everything

Individuals must navigate ambiguity to carve out the career they want.


Health & Wellbeing
7th July 2014
Rewards & Benefits
4th July 2014
4th July 2014

Blog posts

Turnkey Approach towards Succession planning With PM Software

Succession planning is for identifying and grooming talent to enable them to take up next level of responsibilities...

By: Elan

Creating the right culture for success

By Sharon Klein, Azure Consulting

Who's Stopping You?

What is the least you can do today to make a positive impact? Do it.

By: Doug Shaw

The Lesson From the Microsoft Cuts: Don’t Mix the Message on Layoffs

Let's talk strategy and oh by the way we are going to layoff people. Lesson learned: strategy is lost...

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