Social media screening - is it ethical?

Many employers are now scouring the web for information on interviewees.

Special Air Service - what can HR learn from the elite British Army regiment?

Who Dares Wins, in the military and in organisational life.

Risk appetite - to hire exceptional candidates, we must tolerate uncertainty

Hiring game-changing staff does not come without risk.

The cost of procrastination

People procrastinate in different ways, including creative avoidance and priority dilution.

Blog posts

How to ask for promotion

Santa learnt how to ask for promotion after making all reasonable and popular mistakes.

Getting a Payrise?! By Zoe Osborne

"After nearly 6 years of falling real wages, rises in weekly earnings have finally caught up with inflation."

From Task to Ask : Creating your First ‘To-Ask’ List

Tips on how to create your first 'To-Ask' list

By: blakeyj

How Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs influences Employee Engagement

Exploring the psychoanalytical side behind Employee Engagement by looking at Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs...

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Upcoming HR events

Here are some events you may find useful over the next few weeks and months:

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